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  • Escene HS108-PN Slim Hotel IP Phone
    ESCENE Hotel compact type IP Phone HS108. This IP Phone is special designed for hotel, business hall and other service places, which is an easy operational, wall-mountable and desktop IP Phone. Its fashion and scientific appearance, excellent voice quality and powerful function with matching integrated communication platforms can replace traditional phone and become a new generation of intelligent terminal equipment.
    R513.00 excl. VAT R589.95 incl. VAT
  • Gigaset A540H Additional Handset ( Replaced the A510H )
    The Gigaset A540H is the upgraded replacement for the extremely popular Gigaset A510H handset, the A540H comes with a modern slimmer, sleeker design. This handset has a generous 1.8" high contrast display and can be customised to your personal taste with a choice of background colours and ringtones.
    R730.39 excl. VAT R839.95 incl. VAT
  • Gigaset E630H Cordless Phone Additional Handset
    Gigaset E630H Cordless Phone Additional Handset. Replaced the E49H. If you have a craft workshop or a home with small children, you know how to handle a high-impact environment. So does the Gigaset E630 cordless phone. Surrounded by tools and equipment, or kids, challenges and disruptions are par for the course. That's why this robust cordless phone is splash-proof, as well as resistant to dust and shocks.
    R965.17 excl. VAT R1,109.95 incl. VAT
  • Gigaset R630H PRO Handset Black
    Gigaset R630H PRO Dustproof, waterproof to IP65 standards and shock resistant.Multicell system support with roaming,handover,rubber grippy surface
    R2,104.30 excl. VAT R2,419.95 incl. VAT
  • Gigaset S510H Additional Handset
    The Gigaset S510H PRO has a brilliant, 1.8 TFT colour display with 8 lines, Headset connection via Bluetooth or 2.5 mm jack and data exchange via Bluetooth or mini-USB
    R1,365.17 excl. VAT R1,569.95 incl. VAT
  • Grandstream DP720 ( Requires Base Station)
    The DP720 is a DECT cordless VoIP phone that allows users to mobilize their VoIP network throughout any business, warehouse, retail store and residential environment. It is supported by Grandstream's DP750 DECT VoIP base station
    R799.96 excl. VAT R919.95 incl. VAT
  • RTX 8430 Entry Level Handset
    The RTX8430 is an entry level handset compliant with the RTX8630 system. 1,44'' TFT display, 128 x 128, HD audio support (G.722)
    R1,573.87 excl. VAT R1,809.95 incl. VAT
  • RTX 8630 Handset
    Handset for RTX8630 Base - 2" TFT Display, 200 Phone Book Entries, Vibrate Mode
    R2,565.17 excl. VAT R2,949.95 incl. VAT
  • Snom C50 Dect Phone for Snom M9R Base
    The snom m9r is a complete DECT solution that includes a DECT handset and the base station. Up to nine m9r DECT handsets can be registered to one base station allowing for increased productivity and mobility.
    R2,147.78 excl. VAT R2,469.95 incl. VAT
  • Snom M25 Dect Office Handset
    DECT Handset for M325, HD Audio and Wideband
    R1,243.43 excl. VAT R1,429.95 incl. VAT
  • Snom M65 Dect Professional Handset
    DECT Handset for M700, HD Audio and Wideband
    R1,669.52 excl. VAT R1,919.95 incl. VAT
  • Snom M85 Dect Industrial Handset
    DECT Ruggedized Handset for M300 and M700
    R4,521.70 excl. VAT R5,199.95 incl. VAT
  • Spectralink 7202 Handset
    7202 Handset, 1G8, includes battery. Order Charger (84642488) and Power supply (84642601) separately
    R2,652.13 excl. VAT R3,049.95 incl. VAT
  • Spectralink 7212 Handset
    7212 Handset, 1G8, includes battery. Order Charger (84642488) and Power supply (84642601) separately
    R3,843.43 excl. VAT R4,419.95 incl. VAT
  • Spectralink KIRK 7520 Handset
    SpectraLink 7520 DECT Wireless Handset [02431000]. Formerly known as the KIRK 5020, this handset is an elegant handset positioned towards administrative environments across various vertical markets as it meets the needs for a wireless device that mobile workers. Supported on Microsoft Lync. KIRK 7520 Handset, 1G8, includes battery. Order Charger and Power supply separately
    R3,756.48 excl. VAT R4,319.95 incl. VAT
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