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  • Kensington SD1500 USB-C Mobile Dock
    Kensington SD1500 USB-C Mobile Dock (1 x HDMI (4K). 1 x VGA & 1 x Gigabit Ethernet Port1 & 1 x USB 3.0)
    R1,149.08 excl. VAT R1,309.95 incl. VAT
  • Kensington SD3600 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station
    Kensington SD3600 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station
    R2,771.89 excl. VAT R3,159.95 incl. VAT
  • Kensington SD3650 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station
    DisplayPort and HDMI ports, 4 USB 3.0 Ports, 2 Rear USB 2.0 Ports, Extend or Mirror Modes
    R2,859.61 excl. VAT R3,259.95 incl. VAT
  • Kensington SD4500 USB-C Universal Dock
    Kensington SD4500 USB-C Dock - 1 x DisplayPort. 1 x HDMI. 3 x USB 3.1 /4K for Dual Monitors & 4K Ultra HD for single monitor
    R3,815.75 excl. VAT R4,349.95 incl. VAT
  • Kensington SD4600 USB-C Universal Dock
    A single cable allows you to plug in your Windows Mac OS X or Chrome OS laptop and have access to your entire desktop setup, including power delivery up to 60 watts, 4K video and USB 3.1 Gen 1 SuperSpeed data transfer
    R4,359.61 excl. VAT R4,969.95 incl. VAT
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Dock 90W
    One of the dock s USB ports also supports always-on mobile device charging, which means that you can charge your mobile phone or tablet, even when your notebook is away. Our unique physical alignment guarantees perfect notebook-dock alignment every time. Comes with ThinkPad AC adapter to charge your notebook.3x USB 2.0, one supports always-on USB charging
    R2,201.71 excl. VAT R2,509.95 incl. VAT
  • Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Pro Dock
    The ThinkPad USB 3.0 Pro Dock delivers a professional universal USB docking solution with fast USB 3.0 ports and digital video ports for quick and easy connection to all the workspace peripherals you use every day. Simply plug in a single USB 3.0 cable into your Lenovo PC for instant access to up to two external monitors, Gigabit Ethernet, headphones/speakers, USB printers, scanners, keyboard, mouse and so on for daily use. The Dock can also charge your mobile device via USB always power on port. Dock requires included AC power to operate
    R2,210.48 excl. VAT R2,519.95 incl. VAT
  • ORICO Gigabit Ethernet DVI Docking Station
    USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station; RJ45; DVI; USB3.0; USB2.0; Audio; Mic
    R2,122.76 excl. VAT R2,419.95 incl. VAT
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