Traditional vs New data storage

Traditional data storage

Files are saved on several flash drives or external hard drives. Keeping track of data is difficult and tedious, making it inconvenient to take files with you on the go.

New data storage – DiskStation

Just one compact, little box is enough. Access files anytime and anywhere, without the need to bring any storage device with you.


Massive storage capacity for all kinds of data.

Do you own a number of external hard drives, but can never find important files when you need them most? DiskStation boasts massive storage capacity, letting you save all the precious photos, high-definition videos, and work documents without thinking twice. When moving or organizing folders from different years, there’s no need to plug in and unplug multiple flash drives – it’s as easy as having all the data on your computer.

Leave the external drives behind. Get your files whenever you need them.

When was the last time you forgot to bring your flash drive with you? Just store everything on your DiskStation, and it’ll be there always wherever you go. Whether it’s your presentation slides for an important meeting or a fun video for a party, the files are all right at your fingertips. Even when an Internet connection is unavailable2, you’ll still be able to access files on various devices.

Don’t stop at storage. Reach out to the world.

An external hard drive can only store photos or videos from one device at a time. When you feel like sharing them with others, you need to hand them the drive or upload them to a web album. DiskStation liberates all of your photos and documents from the limitations of location or time. With DiskStation, you can share memorable moments with family and friends with a few simple clicks. Even when they’re thousands of miles away, exchanging large video and image files is a piece of cake.

Share with your family. Never waste a penny.

Have you spent a fortune on a large-capacity external hard drive, but still need to purchase another for a family member because you can’t both take them out of the house? With DiskStation, just share its storage space with family members – a small investment that’s going to benefit the whole household. You can set up storage limits for each member, or customize the access to specific folders to so only you can view the contents.

More great features

Your precious data can’t afford any risks. DiskStation includes robust tools to automatically back up files in Mac or Windows computers. It’s that easy.

Hard drives don’t last forever, but your data should. DiskStation maximizes data protection – so your files remain safe and sound, even if a hard drive fails.

No matter you’re using a Mac or Windows computer, or an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device, DiskStation works perfectly with all of them.

Perfect for beginners

Just a small step will bring you infinite possibilities. DiskStation opens the door to a fascinating cloud storage era for you at affordable prices.



File Storage in South Africa


With a single drive bay that can contain 6TB of storage space, DS115j lets you access and share your data as you wish.

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