I Love my PC. All i7, 8-core "horse power of it". Oooo and not to mention my AMD HD 7870, granted not the newest model on the market, but boy can it play! Also all the space, 4TB of it. My sexy



ThermalTake case... Love my PC, so why did I catch myself spending more time on my iPad? I mean the games aren't even full HD, and don't get me started on the small screen.

This brings me to my Topic, PC vs Tablets. I know this is not a traditional comparison. How can I even try to compare them? PC's and Tablets don't even fall into the same category, but hear me out.

It all started after I read an article about the decline of PC shipments vs the rise of Tablets. Got me thinking why is this happening? Who would want to have a Tablet that, let’s face it, is not nearly as strong as a PC by far, and I'm talking latest high-end quad-core Tabs. And you can't even upgrade your Tablet. Whereas with my PC I can always stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology (if my bank elf allows it). Maybe that isn't important. Maybe the only important thing is usefulness at the time you need it. These days almost all of us need the internet. Need to take notes. It's like pen and paper can't do it anymore. Read emails on the go. Get that "quick" Candy crush level complete while waiting in the que at the bank.


candy crush tablet


PC in all its greatness is just not portable. (Yes I know about Laptops but that's a whole other ball games). We want technology and we want it now and we want it available at all times. So yes Tablets win this round. However if you are a workaholic, graphic designer, hard worker, hard browser, gamer etc a Tablet just doesn't come up the par. Not enough power. Multitasking, multi-tabbing, heck even multi-gaming or any high-end gaming is impossible. Tablets can only do so much. And then the ever irritating battery short life that threatens the task at hand.

O and let us not forget. Some PC are so untidy, cables everywhere and takes up so much space. At least not all of them though. Whereas a tablet is 1 tiny neat thing that is sometime so exquisitely designed that you want to show it off on the coffee table, when you go for lunch & share with friends or to look important while waiting somewhere.

Diversity and upgrade ability is a big thing for me. And with a Tablet you just don't have that. Either get a business or multimedia Tab or a high-end or low end. We as humans are ever changing Graphics might be important to you today but tomorrow multimedia is, and a week later you want the best gaming rig. A PC can always be upgraded and changed. While a Tablet is what you have and that's it. Yes the OS changes constantly and you get great themes but hardware is what I go for.

And let us not kid ourselves. Who can really get any work done with a Tablet? All those awesome apps. Not that a PC doesn't keep you out of work either especially when said PC is connected to the internet.

Engaging the senses. Touch is something we all love. Interacting with games and apps. Sweeping up and down instead of scrolling. Tablets win in this round by far! Desktops with a Touch screen is just so awkward to use If you can't pick it up and swing it around. However when I want to get serious work done, I don't want to feel my way around!

So I have decided both are great! Both have a place in this new and ever improving Technology driven life we are currently living.




What do you think? Are you a PC partner or a Tablet carrier? Is there space for both in your life? Or is that overkill. Do you want both or neither because you don't want technology to take over your life?

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!

Best Regards

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Ruaan Kraft