You’re looking for a new printer and you need to choose between an inkjet or laser printer, right? Wrong! GelJet printing might not be as well known, but it can be just as effective, if not more…


A common misconception among print buyers is that there are only two types of printer to choose from: inkjet and laser. Whilst they remain the most popular for consumers, GelJet printers are growing in number and boast wide-ranging benefits.

If you’re unaware of the virtues of the technology used, GelJet is a hybrid of both laser and inkjet developed by established printers, Ricoh. Their groundbreaking combination attempts to offer maximum print speed and image quality at a more affordable cost.

GelJet technology, developed by Ricoh is a hybrid between laser and inkjet offering an optimal balance and maximisation of print speed and image quality at affordable cost in a business environment.

  • Dries instantly – 4 times as viscous as ink
  • Uses soya based gel instead of dye, no hazardous emissions
  • No smudging or blurring
  • No requirement for expensive, coated paper
  • Waterproof and sun-resistant
  • High speed simplex printing 28/30 ppm Colour and Mono
  • Fast duplex reaches 85% of simplex speed
  • New belt transfer system for reliable, fast paper transport
  • Variable media handling, upto 160 gsm from paper tray
  • Upto 255 gsm and banner length from optional bypass tray
  • Dual tank system for efficient printing, with no waste whatsoever
  • Printing can continue when cartridges are empty
  • Cartridges have a long yield for uninterrupted printing
  • Easy to maintain – only cartridges to change
  • Modulated dot size for precision quality


Ricoh GelJet Technology

Particularly for small and medium enterprises and smaller office workgroups, the upfront cost of colour laser printers is often too high. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) prohibits the use of colour inkjets for cost sensitive customers due to frequent and expensive cartridge changes. With its revolutionary new GelJet technology, Ricoh is meeting this need in a completely different way.

By utilising Liquid Gel rather than traditional toner or ink, the GelJet range produces affordable waterproof and sunlight resistant prints. Key benefit of the Liquid Gel is that it dries instantly when hitting the paper. Due to this technology, high speed printing is ensured even in duplex mode. Speeds are up to 30 pages per minute for both colour and black and white.


1.27inch Wide Head for High Quality High Speed Printing

Key innovation for high speed quality printing is the GelJet extra wide print head separate from the cartridges. With its 32.3 mm, the widest in its class, the printable area is greatly expanded. The power used to push the Liquid Gel through the print head is about 1 Mega Pascal, about 2.5 times as high as with conventional printers. Contrary to other devices, the GelJet print heads are designed for durability and anti-clogging. If the printer is not used for a longer period of time, the print heads will be automatically cleaned. For a high 1,200 dpi image resolution, each print head has 384 nozzles. Contrary to other systems however, GelJet allows for clear and solid images, even at high speed and/or low resolution. Due to Ricoh’s Modulated Dot (M-Dot) technology, the size of the drops is varied, maximising the performance of the fast drying GelJet Liquid Gel.

Print heads

Fast drying, High Resolution Printing on Paper

GELJET printers use fast-drying, low-permeable, colorfast GELJET Viscous Ink®.
Ink that dries so fast upon printing, that you can hand customers documents straight from the printer without worrying about smears or smudges.
Colors remain clear even if exposed to liquid; print will not smudge under highlighter pens.
Get highly colorfast output, ideal for documents that need to stand the test of time.

Using the special Level Colormode - the cost per page of colour prints is similar to black and white prints. This feature distinguishes texts from images and graphics. While texts are printed at normal thickness, up to 50% is saved on colours for images and graphics within the same document. As opposed to so-called 'Draft' modes currently in the market, the Level Colormode ensures perfectly crisp and sharp black texts at all times.


With these new models Ricoh underlines its TCO focus. Apart from the Level Colormode, the lifecycle and design of the cartridges are key for GelJet. It uses four separate cartridges, as well as small reservoirs at the print heads, ensuring a continuous supply of Liquid Gel. Moreover there are virtually no residues when notification is given that replacement is due. The print heads are separate from the cartridges and designed to last the lifetime of the printer. This has a favourable effect on consumable costs and therefore on the overall cost per page.

Other TCO saving measures include ability to use normal or recycled paper rather than special laser or inkjet paper, low power consumption, first print speed within six seconds, automatic duplex printing and counter function to be used in click charge.

The GelJet Belt Transfer System

GELJET BT system adopts electrostatic transfer belt technology used in laser printers, combining it with paper feed conveyance used for inkjet printers, optimized into a new conveyance system.
Paper adheres perfectly to the belt, propelled forward by the belt conveyance system, overcoming the weakness of inkjets that tends to cause paper jams, for stable printing at 3 mm margins.
Moreover, improved sensors have shortened the distance required between sheets, making faster printing possible.


GelJet Belt Transfer System Advantages

  • Fast printing
  • Consistent high quality across the whole print area, including the edges
  • Optimum duplex printing without limitations of conventional methods



GelJet printheads are generally cheaper thanks to no fusers, drums and photoconductor units. With this in mind, the print-per-page cost can be considerably cheaper.

GelJet printers use less energy, too, reducing your carbon footprint. And with one consumable item to replace, wastage is also lower.

When up against inkjets, GelJets perform favourably. Unlike inkjets that tend to perform best on certain types of paper, GelJets deliver consistency whatever the supply, from cheaper stock to glossy.

GelJet are less prone to paper jams, too. They use an electrostatic belt transfer system instead of paper rollers.



So, when considering a new printer, be sure to remember that Gel is the magic word!

Choose Ricoh and you can enjoy quicker, cheaper and enhanced quality printing. You can even reduce your impact on the environment: what’s not to like?

Speak to us if you have any more confusion, questions or interest!

Here are the current Geljet Models available from Weable.


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