Facebook Messenger App

That is why Facebook in their ingenious way, have created a wonderful little app called ‘Messenger’. It allows you to quickly and easily access your Facebook messages on your phone or tablet through a separate app, without having to log into Facebook first. It works just like a text message, where you can message someone back and forth easily. Quite frankly it’s awesome, and so much more user-friendly than the current Facebook message system.

This is what Facebook has to say about the new app…

“Messenger is much faster. You’ll get new messages instantly and can reply right away. In fact, we’ve found that people reply about 20% faster on Messenger than on Facebook. So as your friends start using Messenger, you’ll probably notice them getting back to you sooner”.

We have already downloaded the Messenger app here at Weable, and have some mixed emotions aabout it. It really is a much easier way to chat to friends and clients, without the hassle of clicking too many buttons to get there! However it uses aditional storage. I personally don't like many apps on my phone. I loved the old popup message.

How do you feel about this? Have you downloaded it already, or are you thinking, “oh no, not another app”?

Let us know how you feel about the rapid pace at which technology is expanding, and whether or not you like the changes, or feel like you need a handbrake to slow it down?

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Rita Kraft