This our first post on this topic and our first post in a while, shame on me :). What can I say it's been really busy and we haven't really had much time to write articles, hope this will bring some laughter to your boring office days!!

PS!! I'll try my best to get more scripts up.

Chat started on 15 May 2014, 11:21 AM 

Weable-AutoBot ( Automated Triggers for customers visiting us for the first time of the day )

(11:21:54) *** Visitor 59448119 joined the chat ***
(11:21:55) Weable-AutoBot: Welcome to Weable's Online Shop
(11:22:06) Weable-AutoBot: We're here to answer any questions you have!
(11:22:21) Weable-AutoBot: Shopping online can get very difficult we know, for just that reason we've appointed a sales person online 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm.
(11:22:36) Weable-AutoBot: Have fun browsing our shop, bye for now :)
(11:22:45) Visitor 59448119: is this a real person ?
(11:22:53) Weable-AutoBot: All our sales guys are unavailable at the moment but you're still very important to us. Please leave your message and contact details so we can get back to you.
(11:23:01) Visitor 59448119: what is 3x3 ?
(11:23:25) Visitor 59448119: Are you a deceptocon ?
(11:23:34) Visitor 59448119: are you an autobot ?
(11:29:32) *** Visitor 59448119 left the chat ***
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